Inserch Walking Suit Navy Houndstooth Trim Outfit 143-11 Size M

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Inserch brand Leisure suits usually make their appearance known when the clocks turn back and it's time to dress stylish for the evening. The cooler air allows you to layer your dress clothes which is why you will see style minded men wearing them. Dress clothing by Inserch should always be taken seriously if you dressing your best and to impress is a priority on your list. You need to wear the right style and the right shoes to have everything just come together. When you need to be seen on Friday nights wearing something new and exciting, and your style verges on the mature and sophisticated, Inserch walking suits are for you. This navy blue long sleeve walking suit feature a clean style shirt and matching pleated pants and can be worn with both mock neck shirts or even dress shirts. Just add some stylish Stacy Adams Shoes or Exotic skin shoes are you'll be set for the Party. Leisure suits like these have a very sophisticated look that men who favor dressing in a stylish and mature manner will favor immensely. Leisure suits bring back the style of the 1970s in a big way.