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Leisure Walking Suits-They are Better than the 1970s

If you're a guy in your fifties and well remember your heyday. You should fondly recall all the good times you had during the 1970s. It was an era of great music, both R+B and later Disco and you remember all the wild fun clothes that people were wearing including yourself. Many men those days used to get dressed in Leisure Suits. Well, it seems that we've almost come around full circle because these days when it comes to going out on the town, many Grown Men are wearing Leisure Walking Suits. Leisure Walking Suits are quite similar to the Leisure Suit of the 1970s in that they are two piece outfits worn as a suit for casual times.

These days the Leisure Walking Suit has taken crown for casual clothing for the well dressed man in a way that the Leisure suit only wishes it could have. You can find a huge selection of styles and colors and different fabric treatments that just weren't available back in the seventies just because of the advancements of fabrics that are made today. When it comes to styles, you can find these Leisure walking sets that come in the matching shirt and pant combos and ones that look more like a casual jacket set as well. You can find them with all types of fashion pocket treatments or shoulder epaulets and pretty much anything else that the fashion designer can come up with depending on the fabric choices and style of the day. You may see some of the Sets with solid color pants and a top that has a matching color pattern to slight contrast the pants or suits made of the same exact fabric top and bottom.

Back then it seemed that every leisure suit you saw was made of the same thick unattractive polyester fabric that didn't seem to wear nor looked very comfortable to wear. Nowadays you can find Leisure Walking suits in all types of fabrics from smooth touch Poly/Rayon fabrics to Linen fabric to even Wool for the fall and winter. Because the modern Leisure Walking suit is made of better fabric, it will drape better on you and fit better as well. The old double knit polyester was almost like cardboard and never really looked that good no matter how it was cut.

These days textile factories can produce poly/rayon fabric that can either mimic a fine worsted wool to fine silk that is used for silk suits and they feel fantastic. So if you need to step your game up, and want to renew your wardrobe, it's time for you to seriously consider trying some of our Leisure Walking Suits here at

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