Manzini Blue Velvet Tuxedo Modern Fit Prom Event Wedding Macallan

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Show people fast that you know how to dress like a Celebrity when you wear this amazing Manzini blue velvet tuxedo in a Modern fit. It is the perfect style tux to wear if you want to dress like a certified Celeb for your Prom or Wedding. Its unique baroque style features a special jacket that has a button chain closure that keeps the jacket slightly open in appearance to highlight the velvet double breasted vest. All in a Modern fit.

  • Chain Closure Single-Breasted Jacket
  • Regular Length
  • Side Vents in Back
  • Modern Tailored Fit
  • Stylish Velvet Round Lapels
  • Full Lined Jacket
  • Metal Button Velvet Double Breasted Vest
  • Velvet Flat Front Pants
  • Ready to Hem
  • Herringbone pattern
  • Fine Velvet Fabric