Manzini Mens Trendy Fashion Blazer Red Woven Dinner Jacket MZS-270 | 2XL, 4XL Only Final Sale

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Give your competition something to envy when you wear fashion dinner jackets by Manzini. These stylish dinner jackets aren't just your average blazers but have a Statement to make about what your style is all about. This red shiny woven blazer features subtle gold pattern in the fabric. Modern fit. Final Sale Item. Sorry, No Returns. Blazer size conversion is as follows Small (36 Chest), Medium (38 Chest ), Large (40-42 Chest ), XL (44-46 Chest ), 2X (48 Chest ), 3X (50-52 Chest), 4X (54-56 Chest ), 5X (58 Chest), 6X (60 Chest).