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Mauri Shoes- What Makes Them Special

If you've ever shopped online for Mauri Shoes and the prices made your eyes water, you're not alone. The old adage that you get what you pay for applies here big time. Mauri shoes are not some mass produced cheap shoes that are spit out of a conveyor belt style factory. Indeed the complete the opposite is true.

Mauri shoes are made by hand in the old fashioned manner by highly skilled shoe makers in Italy. Did I mention Italy. Yes. We all know that Italy makes some of the world's finest shoes and Mauri is one of their esteemed brand names. It takes ten times longer to produce a pair of Mauri shoes that it does to produce any mass produced shoe from a factory in China. That is because there is well over a couple hundred steps in making a hand made shoe like a Mauri shoe. Many of these steps include the trimming and cutting of the exotic alligator skin leather and matching the alligator scales just right of the same exact skins so the left shoe and right shoe match accordingly. No two alligator skins are the same so this does take extra time to get the shoe just so. These special hand made Italian shoes are all about attention to detail.

The soles and heels on any pair of Mauri shoes are of course also made by hand and that requires artful cutting and carving of wood like leather that is fashioned into the sole and stacked heel that must be carved and shaped by hand with sanders and hand tacked with real brass nails for the heels. After the sole and heel combo is created it must be sewn onto the shoe upper carefully because these shoes are expensive and any mistake can ruin the entire shoe and they will have to start from scratch.

The fact that Mauri shoes are mostly made of exotic skin like alligator also makes them special. Alligator skin doesn't not grow on trees and because alligators are protected animals only limited amounts of alligators are killed every year which provides the very rare and expensive skins to be made into luxury shoes and bags compared to standard cow leather which is plentiful in comparison.

Another feature that makes Mauri shoes special is of course the most obvious one. Their style. These shoes are made in Italy and of course designed in Italy by designers that realize that people who wear Mauri shoes like Professional Athletes want a shoe that doesn't look like every one Else's shoes. These shoes are all show stopper in their own way. Mauri only makes a limited amount of styles each season and each shoe style is very different from the next. What ever styles that the creative designers for Mauri shoes make is usually unique and exclusive just by it's very nature. So next time you're shopping online for Mauri shoes and see the price tag you'll know that these shoes are indeed special.

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