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Mauri Shoes Italy Mens Forrest Green Alligator Lace Up 4860

Mauri Shoes Italy Mens Forrest Green Alligator Lace Up 4860 - click to enlarge

Name:Mauri Shoes Italy Mens Forrest Green Alligator Lace Up 4860
Seen Elsewhere $980.00
Contempo Price $940.00
Save: $40.00 (4%) Today!
Availability:Item Is No Longer Available

Product Description

Try some Mauri Shoes one time and you'll be hooked. Mauri of Italy makes only exotic style shoes for the man who makes style a priority. These forrest green alligator shoes feature that Mauri style that is pure Italy. They have a hand carved leather sole and of course made by hand in Italy because Mauri shoes can never be made anywhere else.What makes Mauri shoes special is easy when you learn what it takes to create these fine Italian shoes to begin with. The first thing you would may like to know about Mauri shoes is the original and unique designs that are offered every season.

You're not going to see a repeat of styles like may with other shoe brands. Mauri goes literally out of their way to create and offer completely brand new styles twice a year. Their team of shoe designer in Italy are young fresh graduates from Italian design schools that are allowed more free reign than other shoe brands might have. That is why the styles that you see from Mauri are really cutting edge and unique with fashion details that you just won't find on other Italian shoe brands. Before a shoe is sold to the public, it goes through a design process that will take a number of steps before it is added to the new season's collection. A designer will first roughly pen a shoe style that may have a number of features that may or may not be unique. For example, let's say a particular style shoe has a certain trim feature on it that is new that may contrast with the other leather on the shoe or perhaps it's a certain strap or buckle feature. Before that design feature is okayed or finalized, it will go through a number of steps or design changes before it becomes finalized. It may be that maybe the design feature doesn't quite work aesthetically or something maybe need to be added to make the shoe look right. Sometimes a piece of trim doesn't quite look correct or perhaps a different texture of leather or skin is added for contrast because the other version looks too plain for the shoe brand. This stage of the design process may take several changes before it is finalized for production by experienced line managers.

Since Mauri is brand that emphasizes unique style, their shoe design team are allowed much more leeway that other brands. They simply don't want their collection of alligator shoes to look like any other brand and it's even a benefit that the style looks unique enough that people who know their alligator shoes will ask if those are Mauri shoes that you're wearing. On a brand that wants to keep a more conservative style, they tone down any new or outrageous style features. Not with Mauri shoes. If the shoe design has something that just stands out from other shoes, it is more than likely that they will keep that design feature for the shoe. Sometimes features are removed or features are added before they are finalized for production. Mauri usually likes to keep the head turning features for their new collection of shoes. That is how Mauri likes to make their shoes to begin with. If a certain style is the popular style of the season, it simply isn't enough that Mauri makes a "Me Too" style of the shoe. They will take that basic style and use it as a starting point of the design that they want to create. A shoe that befits the "Mauri" brand on it.

Since most of know that Mauri shoes are made in Italy, how they make their shoes is the old fashioned way. Using nothing but leather inside and out and handcrafted. That is what makes shoes made in Italy special to begin with. It really doesn't matter the brand or designer label. Italian shoes are known for their high quality and handcrafted construction as well as the fact that they always use fine leather to make them compared to lesser shoes that are usually made in China with inferior material for a price point. With Mauri shoes, there is no price point that they are trying to keep. Their sole goal is to produce what they believe is the best pair of Italian shoes that are hand made and made of the finest leathers and exotic skins for men who want to wear the best made and stylish shoes on their feet. When you're not worried about price, it really allows you to be more creative in designing the very best shoes that money can buy. The shoe artisans that make these shoes aren't novices in any way shape of form. They are shoe artisan veterans who have shoe making in their blood.

Since Mauri shoes are luxury designer shoes, these shoe artisans have to have at least ten years of Italian shoe making experience in order to make these hand made shoes. Since the crocodile skin and alligator skin leathers are so expensive in price, no mistakes can me made in the cutting, trimming and edging of the skins as well as the hand sewing of the skins as well when it comes to making these fine Italian shoes. The shoe artisans who make these shoes literally create them from start to finish unlike how lesser shoes are made with multiple hands on an assembly line. There is no assembly line in a hand made shoe factory such as Mauri. The people who literally create these shoes are working off of design sketch blue prints and have been hand making shoes for dozens of years in order to be allowed to make these pricey alligator shoes. The same man or woman who first cuts the leather pieces for the upper, trims the pieces of the leather as well as edges the leather pieces before they sew the pieces together. That same person will cut trim and create the full leather lining and insole as well before they carve, cut and create the shoe sole and heel and then put the upper part of the shoe together with the sole and heel. This is what a fine Italian designer shoe is all about and there isn't a designer that does it better than Mauri shoes.

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