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How To Measure Mens Dress Shirt Size

How To Measure Mens Dress Shirt Size
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How to measure your actual dress shirt size is usually one of the first things that as grown man you need to do. Let's face it. If you live in a society of culture, you'll need to wear a suit at some point. Measuring for your dress shirt size is just one of the elements necessary for knowing what size clothes you wear.

When the time comes and you need a dress shirt and you're not quite sure how to measure for your shirt size. Measuring for Mens Dress Shirts shouldn't be complicated. In fact its quite the opposite. It's simple really. All you need is cloth tape measure that can be found anywhere that sells thread and sewing needles. Your local pharmacy or even supermarket will sell them.

First thing to do is measure for the neck size of the dress shirt. Take the tape measure and wrap it around the neck under the adam's apple. The length you measure will be the neck size which will be the basis of the dress shirt size. Let's say the measurement is 16 inches, I like to round up a size to say 16.5 inches. Simple right. The next thing to do in measuring for a mens dress shirt is the sleeve length. This is done quite simply by having someone take the tape measure from the center of the back and measure the length of the out stretched arm to the break of the wrist. That will be sleeve length. If the length is just under the shirt sleeve length go with that size anyway. That is all there is to measuring for a mens dress shirt. Once you learn how to measure your dress shirt size, you'll always be ready to buy your size if something nice catches your eye.


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