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Men Alligator Skin Shoes

Some things can be imitated but never duplicated. Though manufacturers will burn the midnight oil trying to figure it out sometimes only getting the genuine article will do the trick. One of these items are Mens Alligator Shoes. Now sure their are many companies trying to pull off the look,texture and feel of the real thing but you simply can't realistically duplicate authentic alligator skin leather made into shoes especially a brand like Mauri Shoes. The reason is simple. Leather manufacturers try to create the stamping that at least can sort of imitate the look of genuine alligator skin but once you touch it that is where the imitation gets left behind. Only real mens alligator skin shoes have that certain texture and feel that is unmistakable once you see up close and personal. The alligator skin won't be quite as thick as the imitation that is made of cowhide and then stamped under pressure.

Alligator skin is the natural thickness that it is and you'll feel it's texture immediately. Plus mens authentic alligator skin shoes are not cheaply made with all kinds of corner cutting that is done on a cheaper pair of shoes. You will only find the finest full leather linings and hand stitched on leather soles on the genuine alligator skin shoe where as on a fake pair the sole may or may not be made of leather.

The lining will be only a partial leather lining with fabric making up the balance and you won't see the exquisite craftsmanship in the over all shoe. Plus the real article will cost hundreds of dollars depending on the type of skin and whether it's a full piece of skin or made of pieces of skin. Because of the rarity of Alligator skins to begin with, you are not very likely to find Alligator skin shoes on sale anywhere.

There is simply not an over abundance of these shoes around so when you find them, just jump on them because chances are they won't be around waiting for you. Once you buy one pair, I can assure you it won't be your last pair.

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