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Men's Suits that Weather the Fads of Fashion

Fads come and fads go, but a classic suit can take you anywhere for many years to come. If you want to get the most for your money and always be appropriately dressed for business or social occasions, a well chosen suit is a smart investment. A man with a limited suit budget especially can benefit from a classic suit. Mens Suits that don't call attention to itself can be worn again and again without other people wondering if it's the only suit you own. By changing the style and color of your shirts and ties, you can make your classic suit appropriate for most occasions that require business attire. Buy the best quality suit you can afford. A good quality suit will last longer and look better than a cheap suit. Consider the fabric. A worsted wool fabric will wear well and can be worn in most seasons. Tropical weight worsted wool fabrics are woven in a way that allows the fabric to breathe so that it is comfortable year round. Worsted wool fabric is less likely to wrinkle, holds a crease well, and has natural resilience, meaning that it recovers its original shape. Most worsted fabrics have a tight weave, which will not snag as easily as a more loosely woven fabric.

Color is also an important factor. Charcoal gray, medium gray, medium to dark navy, dark taupe, and black are all classic color choices. A subtle pinstripe or plaid in these colors are also acceptable, but be sure the pattern is subtle. A pattern that is too bold can date the suit and also makes it too memorable. You don't want people asking, When is Dan going to get rid of that old pinstriped suit? Classic styling means that the features of the suit are always in style. Choose lapels that are medium width. Extremely narrow lapels or very wide ones hark to another fashion era. Even if they are in style today, they may quickly fade from fashion.

A single breasted jacket is timeless and is also more becoming to most men than a double breasted jacket. Two or three buttons are standard on single-breasted jackets. Other jacket features that denote a classic cut include a single vent in back, inset pockets with flaps, and moderate shoulder pads. Double vents, patch pockets, and exaggerated shoulder pads all call attention to the suit. Buying a suit that comes with two identical pairs of pants is a wise choice, because pants wear out faster than the jacket will. Alternating between the pants will keep the wear even on all the pieces of the suit. Dont try to make the suit coat do double duty as a sports jacket by buying a pair of contrasting pants. It won't look right; a suit jacket isn't a sports coat.

Look for pants with traditional styling. Choose pant legs that are neither too wide nor too narrow. A flat front or subtle pleat and no cuffs are the safest bets. The most important point is to choose a suit that fits you properly. The collar should lie flat against your shirt collar in back and smoothly against the front of your shirt without gapping or pulling away. The jacket should fit across your shoulders without being too tight if you flex your arms across your chest. When buttoned, the jacket should fit comfortably but not too snugly. The sleeve shoulder seams should hit at the top of your arms. The back vent should lie flat when you're standing. If you like those highly tailored looking styles, try Slim Fit Suits.

Also ask if the suit is constructed so that it can be let out or taken in if necessary in the future. If you gain or lose weight, being able to alter the suit will save your investment and ensure that your suit will continue to fit you well.

If you can, buy your suit from a store that provides tailoring services. A good tailor knows how a suit should fit and can adjust the suit to fit your body. Have the tailor measure each leg of your pants. Many people have a slight difference in the length of their legs. Pants that are hemmed to match that difference will fit better and conceal the difference because the bottom of the pant legs will hit at the same place on your shoes. Enlisting the help of a good tailor will ensure a good fit, which can make you look like a million dollars in your new suit. Article by Linda Nelson

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