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Mens Black Double Breasted Suit

Do you appreciate when people suddenly turn towards you and notice that you entered the room. You know the situation. It's a Saturday night and you're at you're favorite upscale Restaurant or Night Club and everyone is wearing suits. You're wearing a suit also but it's not your average everyday suit but your favorite Double Breasted Suit. It's the type of suit that I recommend to wear only at night and when you're going somewhere special. You see, most men are usually just wearing single breasted suits in shades of gray and blue but what you're wearing is something that is both sophisticated and eye catching just by design.

You see, not everyone has personal style to pull off wearing a black double breasted suit but if you have style, you'll have no problem doing so. You don't need to wear anything out of the ordinary either when you wear a mens black double breasted suit. Quite the contrary, the suit itself is the statement of style and you can wear your best shirts and ties with it in either dark color ties or slightly brighter colors to make that suit pop. When you wear a double breasted suit in black, I always recommend to also wear Italian style dress shoes because they generally have the synergy of style to compliment the double breasted suit in a way that other dress shoes can not.

You shouldn't mix a fashion style suit like a black double breasted suit with a pair of shoes that are made to be worn with business suits like oxford wingtips. That just won't work. You need a shoe that is sleek and sophisticated and Italian dress shoes like Mezlan shoes will more than do the trick for making a suit ensemble work with a double breasted black suit. You can usually find the classic styles that you like such as the wingtip or cap toe shoe but with the sleeker look that your black double breasted suit is going to need.

Now I recommend getting a little custom fitted tailoring work done when you get a mens black double breasted suit only because it will give you that fantastic broad shoulder silhouette that is V Shaped and looks fantastic. The V look always compliments the style of the double breasted suit just by the way that the jacket wraps across the torso just so. The tailoring is usually done by taking in the back seam of the jacket and custom fitting it to you. It doesn't usually cost more than $30 to do but is so worth it once you see how you look in it afterwards. It's real special transformation and can give your double breasted suit the fit that you see on Celebrities that you see on the Red Carpet. It's worth every penny without a doubt.

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