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Mens Club Wear Shirts

If you have been to a night club lately, it is always an experience and it's no mystery why young men and women go every Friday and Saturday night. The club scene is one of a tantalizing game of fun, music and mingling. It has become a whole culture concerning the music, the clothing and the socializing and any good club knows the just right recipe to make their club a success. For the guy who is going to clubs or wants to start going out to the club. You need to wear the right style clothing to get in that door. You need to wear shirts that are made for clubbing in. You need some club wear style shirts.

Club Shirts are fancy style button down shirts that feature all sorts of fancy trim and stitch designs that make them bold in style and attitude. The whole point of going to club is to have fun and get noticed by the ladies and these fancy club style shirts will make it happen.

Club style shirts usually feature things like bigger fancy style collars that have stitch decoration on it and fancy button work that may be on the shirt placket as well. You'll also find on many club shirts for men, contrasting color fabric trim on the button plackets and flip up style cuffs as well all with the intent of making a favorable impression. When it comes to club style shirts for men, it seems that the louder the better when it comes to the style of the shirt.

Another feature that mens club wear shirts feature are high collars. These collars don't intend to be buttoned up to the top so they rise about a half inch higher than your standard dress shirt. You will also see often that the front collar buttons may have 2 or even 3 buttons on it instead of just one. This of course is purely decorative and adds the whole style persona to the shirt.

The fit is also important on club style shirts. They seem to go towards either modern fit or slim style fit where the shirt is tighter fitting to pretty much show off that you are good shape for the ladies. Like I said previously, going to the club is sort of like a mating ritual and showing that you're the best candidate in the club for the ladies to talk to. It's all about bravado and that is why club shirts for men are so bold looking.

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