Mens Mustard Color Dress Shirt Regular Fit Daniel Ellissa DS3001

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Mens Mustard Color Dress Shirt Regular Fit Daniel Ellissa DS3001. A mens dress shirt in mustard is a sure-fire way to breathe some flavor into your suits. Mens dress shirts that come in bright colors are always a fun and creative way to keep your stylish look right where you want it to be. Don't get stuck in the same fashion rut by wearing the same colors all the time. A mens mustard dress shirt can bring you there. You need to mix it up with some different bright colors and do it right the first time. This mens mustard dress shirt is made by Daniel Ellissa and can be worn with success with classy black suits for men and brown color suits as well to really add some pop to your look. Mustard is also a color that really looks good with burgundy as well and compliments many dark color suits that you already own. Made of wrinkle free poly/cotton you'll stay crisp the whole time you're wearing this mens mustard dress shirt.