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Mens Fashion Suits-What's Changed For 2018

Change is a good thing right? Life doesn't stay still and neither does the fashion industry when it comes to Mens fashion suits. Like everything else involving fashion, change is guaranteed inevitable. Depending on demographic ie: Age bracket, it will depend on why kinds of suits you prefer to wear to begin with. I like to break down fashion suits into two categories. What the twenty something men like to wear and what the fifty something men like to wear.

Unless you've been living underneath a rock, the twenty something guys have strongly adopted wearing 1960s era style slim fit suits in a way that has pretty much put the whole fashion suit industry on it's head. The younger man has adopted these suits since the last few years that most clothing went from baggy to skinny. These suits are no different. Their tighter fitting style has complimented this fashion trend and it really became a natural progression and gave younger men a reason to start wearing suits more when prior, they shunned them because they just didn't fit the thin is in life style.

Changes for this fall have been both about fabric and features. On the slim fit suits, the fashion trend has been about either making them with shiny metallic sharkskin fabrics or keeping it more business minded and making them in office friendly fabrics like solid colors and pinstripes that the fashion thoughtful man can wear to work and still adopt his slim cut tailored look. For the shiny versions, there have been a few new colors introduced like shiny burgundy and different shades of blue which totally work for the club world. You can find these styles are available in 2 button as well as 3 button style jackets.

For the fifty something man who has an interpretation of mens fashion suits as the longer jacket look that almost emulates a zoot suit, bold is still in vogue. The newer fashion mens suits feature different twists on fabric patterns and combinations like glen plaid with leather trim on the pockets and lapels for added effect. Denim vested suits are also still a very popular look for fashion as well and make a perfect look for fall friendly weather. The wider style lapels can also be found on these types of fashion look suits for that hard to ignore style that men who favor these types of ensembles crave. Although for many of these suits, the length of the jackets have risen a bit to average about 33 to 34 inches long from 35-36 inches long of a few years ago. The look is still undeniable of it's intent and stay away from any look that would be office friendly.

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