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Mens Fashionable Suits-Italian Style that is Bold

Mens Fashionable Suits can mean many things to many people and let's face it, we all have different styles and tastes when it comes to suits. Depending where you come from, your opinion on what makes a suit a mens fashion suit will be markedly different than someone else. Let's say you've been to Italy. Well, a mens fashionable style suit will be something that is like an Armani suit. You know, an Italian suit with Peaked lapels as opposed to notched lapels. A suit that is single breasted but is more tailored to the body than your standard business suit. The suit fabric may be a bit more Avant Garde than your classic style business suit making it a fashion suit.

Now, if you're in the corporate world in America, anything and I mean anything that strays away from your standard 2 Button, Single breasted notched lapel Business suit in either Navy Blue or some sort of Gray whether it's Medium Gray or Charcoal. The suit may come with either pleated or flat front pants. Solid fabric or some sort of muted stripe pattern will make that fashionable suit for the fashion minded and not for wearing to the office. Pretty much the bottom line is a fashion style mens suits have absolutely no business in the office the way trying to color your hair purple wouldn't be allowed either.

Now in Cities all across America, when people think of fashion suits, a whole different world of suits comes to mind. Usually these suits will be several inches longer in the jacket and may be slightly baggier in the torso. Fashionable suits for men will be made of suit fabrics in more creative designs and colors and are meant to be notices immediately. High fashion looking suits will have styling pocket designs and may have fancy looking lapels and more buttons on the jacket than your standard 2 or 3 Button suit would ever have. The suit may be one color with contrasting trim on the vest or contrasting color pants which match the vest. It really depends on what is in style that year and what the suit designer is going for. So next time you're thinking of Mens Fashionable Suits, think of what sort of suit.

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