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Daniel Ellissa Mens Black Satin Dress Shirt Tie Set

Daniel Ellissa Mens Black Shiny Satin Dress Shirt Tie Set 3012

Name:Daniel Ellissa Mens Black Shiny Satin Dress Shirt Tie Set 3012
Seen Elsewhere $49.99
Contempo Price $34.99
Save: $15.00 (30%) Today!
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Product Description

Mens shiny dress shirts are usually seen on men who aren't afraid of dressing to impress when time is party time on a Friday night or even a Saturday night. The eye catching nature that you'll find in mens shiny dress shirts have long been known to make men who like to dress their best really excel in the evening.

Mens Shiny Silky black satin dress shirts are one of the easiest ways to make heads turn at a special occasion. We have so many colors of Shiny Silky satin dress shirts you can't go wrong. The easiest way to stretch your suit wardrobe is by wearing different color Shiny Silky dress shirts with your dress suit collection.Shiny Satin shirts are a great addition to your fashion wardrobe especially if you go Salsa dancing in your Stacy Adams Shoes. Many people who are looking for a Shiny black silk shirt for men are really looking for a Shiny Silky satin shirt.Every Fashion Minded Man Needs a Satin Dress Shirt. This Satin Shirt and Tie Set comes as you see it with the matching tie and hanky. You can wear the cuffs buttoned or use your favorite cuff links as well. Many men are buying this shirt for dance as well whether it's Salsa or Jazz. Think of the hit show "Dancing With The Stars" and you will soon realize that nearly all of the men wear satin shirts for dance so they shine on stage.

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Questions You may have about Mens Satin Dress Shirts.

Question: What kind of suits for men can I wear mens satin dress shirts with?

Answer: Let's make one thing perfectly clear when it come to mens satin dress shirts. You shouldn't wear them to work if you happen to work in either an office environment or a bank because shirts like these represent fashion and style and that sort of thing is and has always been frowned upon for work attire. As for the type of suits you can wear mens satin dress shirts with, I always recommend staying with either your standard black suit or any of your shades of grey suits which really do a fantastic job of showcasing the shiny nature of satin shirts and just look fantastic. White is also a very good choice as well for wearing with mens satin dress shirts just because if you think of a white suit as a blank canvas to work colors into, you will soon realize what a versatile color white is when it comes to suits for men.

Question: Can you wear mens satin dress shirts with a Tuxedo?

Answer: The short answer is yes. In this day and age, many people have tired of your standard pleated wingtip tuxedo shirts and have jumped in with both feet to wearing mens satin dress shirts with either a black or white tuxedo for either proms or weddings these days. A good reason for this new style trend is simply that a man can wear a satin dress shirt to match the satin dress that either his date is wearing or the bridesmaids are wearing for the wedding party and since mens satin dress shirts come in so many different colors, you can be assured that you'll most likely find a color that will match your prom queen for the evening or your bridesmaid for the wedding and shine like nobody's business.

Question: What is the best way to care for Mens satin dress shirts?

Answer: Some of the satin shirts we sell have labels inside them that either say dry clean only or machine wash gentle cycle. I say ignore the latter and take the advice of the former and make sure you take all of your mens satin dress shirts to the dry cleaners and let them deal with them in a professional way. The satin fabric in these shirts are quite delicate and should never be thrown into a washing machine where the agitator will be pushing and pulling on the shirt and possibly either messing the shirt up or tearing the satin fabric or even putting pulls or runs in the shirt rendering it garbage. So do yourself a big favor and just have any and all of your satin dress shirts dry cleaned.

Question: Do mens satin dress shirts run in the same size as regular mens dress shirts?

Answer: Yes, there is no difference in the way that mens satin dress shirts are sized. They come in standard fit dress shirt size which is based on the neck size in inches first and the sleeve length in inches second measuring from the center of the back to your wrist for your sleeve length. Just have someone with a cloth tape measure first measure your neck size under your Adam's apple for your neck size and go up a size for comfort. So if you're neck measures 16 inches around, take the size 16.5 size shirt and the proper sleeve length to ensure a comfortable look and fit.

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