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Mens Reptile Skin Shoes

Who doesn't appreciate the finer things in life? Whether it's a luxury car, nice house or nice clothes, We all love creature comforts. When it comes to the finer things in life, any Man of Style knows all about Mens Reptile Skin Shoes. When it comes to shoes that are made from nothing but the very best when it comes to shoe craftsmanship, Mens Reptile Skin Shoes have got you covered. The reason is simple really. Reptile skin is not cheap and it would be a complete disservice to take those valuable skins made of reptile and make inferior quality shoes out of it. It's no different than giving an expensive aged steak to a person who has no clue on how to cook and letting them cook it.

You know the result before it even happens. That is why with Reptile skins, they are only given to factories that specialize in fine hand made shoes because they simply won't take the risk of ruining those costly skins or using those costly skins on cheap mass produced shoes. There are only a handful of shoe companies that make genuine reptile skin mens shoes like Belvedere Shoes and Mezlan Shoes because they know about quality shoe making and style.

Now if you didn't know already, Reptile Skin can be made into either Crocodile Skin Shoes, Alligator Skin Shoes, Lizard Skin Shoes or Snakeskin Shoes. Crocodile and Alligator Skin are the most costly of the reptile skins because they are endangered species, so the skins are extra rare and the cost of those shoes will be reflected in the price. Snakeskin is least expensive costly reptile skins because snakes are consumed as food in many countries and don't face any endangered species lists to protect their numbers. Lizard skin is moderate priced skin for shoes in the world of Mens Reptile skin shoes because of the reasons that they aren't protected in the same manner as Crocodiles and Alligators are. By law, shoe makers that specialize in those exotic reptile skins can only receive so many skins a year to make into shoes.

Now when you see have a pair of genuine Reptile skin shoes in your hands, you will immediately know that these shoes are the genuine article because once you touch the skin that these shoes are made of, you can feel the ridges and scales of the reptile skin. Even on Crocodile or Alligator you can almost feel the grain of the skin. If you glide your hand one direction the skin feels one way and if you glide your hand in the other direction, the skin will feel different.

That is how you know that skin on those shoes is made of genuine reptile skin. On mass produced printed leather, that texture simply can not be duplicated in any way shape or form. The leather will feel the same no matter which direction you touch it. So, if you're ready for a luxurious and stylish treat for your feet, the time is now for a pair of Mens Reptile Skin Shoes from ContempoSuits.com with Free Shipping.


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