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Mens Suit Fashion Fall 2011

You might not know it or maybe you do, but Mens Suits fashion does change, not as quickly as let's say Womens fashion does but it does change. There are always trends that form and become the style of day in the world of Mens Suits if you just pay a little attention to the fashion around you. Now the new fall suits are just starting to trickle into our warehouse and I can tell you that they look fantastic. The classic styles like the solid color 2 and 3 Button Suits are always a staple for us and continue to sell extremely well for us. But around those classic style suits like the solid colors and pinstripes are the ever evolving Mens Fashion Suits that continue to change the fashion landscape for men.

Now unless you've have been living under a rock like in the Geico commercial, You must have seen or own a Sharkskin suit. Sharkskin has been on fire lately and you'll pretty much see a Sharkskin suit in just about every suit configuration out there from Single Breasted 2 and 3 button models with either a peaked lapels or notch lapel in mostly the popular sharkskin fashion colors of Black, Metallic Silver,Beige,Brown and even Blue all shiny and looking to grab your attention. You'll see these sharkskin fashion suits in high fashion vested models as well with all types of fancy pocket and lapel trimmings that are extremely eye catching and not for timid to wear. Shiny suits made of Sharkskin fabrics are certainly on fire this year.

Not falling far from the Sharkskin fashion suit tree are the slim cut or Slim Fit Suits that have been a huge hit with the under 30 Crowd. Now slim fit suits are available in all types of suit fabrics from sharkskin fabrics of metallic silver being one of the most popular to the more classic suit fabrics of your basic solid Gray, Black and Navy slim fit suit or even slim fit suits in the classic pinstripe configuration that on the right physique looks fantastic. Now, as said before that slim fit suits are popular for the under 30 Crowd and you should attempt to wear one unless you're in very good physical shape and have a slimmer frame. Don't try getting into one of these suits if you've been hitting the pizza instead of the gym lately. You can find these fashion slim fit suits now come with either notch lapels or the more Italian style peaked lapels and and usually are in a 2 button style with side vents in the back of the jacket with flat front pants topping off the look of slim.

Now as Womens dress hemlines may rise and fall each year, Mens suit fashion will change as well but not as abruptly. Since we all look at a suit from the front of the jacket, we sometimes forget about the back of the suit jacket but let me tell you that is not ignored by suit designers. If you didn't know already, side vents on the back bottom of the suit jacket are in Vogue and you'll pretty much see this trend exclusively on mens suits for the next couple years. The thing about mens suit fashion is that the change is very slow and evolving and fashion trends seem to last at least a few years because most men don't like to change their suits or their style as fast as Women do. Most men like to buy a suit and wear it for several years while most Women will wear a dress only a few times or only wear it if she knows the people who are going to be at an event have not seen her in it already. Men can simply change up the suit and tie that they wear and their suit will look like a whole new look.

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