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Mens Suit Fashion-It's about Demographics

Depending on who you are and how old you are, Mens Suit Fashion will mean many things to many people. To the younger man demographic of under 30 years old, fashion in regards to Mens Suits can mean whatever style of suit that a fashion oriented man may wear or prefer. It will probably be a type of fashion suit that you may see some Hollywood Celebrity walking down the Red Carpet wearing that was either custom made or made by some high priced Italian Fashion designer. That younger man is going to want a mens fashion suit that emulates that same exact tailored fitting suit that Mr. Hollywood of the Day just happens to be wearing. That suit will most likely be a very well fitting 2 Button 2 piece single breasted suit with either notched lapels or peak lapels and fits like God made it for himself. It's no wonder why the younger man wants a slim fitting suit that looks just like the one that his favorite Celebrity is wearing on the Red Carpet, he couldn't look any better out there.

Now, lets just tweak the suit demographic a bit. Well, not a bit. Let's flip it over and turn it to the man who is around 50 years old but still appreciates style and loves suits that have always had fashion in mind. You're going to get a completely different type of suit that may or may not appeal to the younger man. In fact, I know it won't appeal to the younger man because this 50 year old's hey day happened 30 years ago and his tastes and values are completely different than the 25 year old man of today. Today's 50 year old man depending on where he lives and where he is from will want something much different in the way of Mens Suit Fashion.

If they are African American, they may like to wear either high fashion suits that have fashion trim and detail in 3 piece style with a slightly longer suit jacket that emulates a zoot suit of yesterday that you would like see Steve Harvey wearing or if he has deeper pockets and doesn't like it quite as flashy he may want to go with something from Stacy Adams Suits that are much more subdued style wise.

That man is the type of man who has more money to spend and buys several suits a year to keep his fashion edge sharp. That same man is going to want to buy his suits with matching color dress shoes, matching color french cuff dress shirts with fancy trim and probably a matching color felt hat like a Godfather hat, so if the ensemble is say burgundy for example, that customer will want to buy a burgundy Godfather hat and Burgundy fashion dress shoes to get completely dressed up for maximum visual impact. So depending on what kind of person you deal with you really can't quite pigeon hole what exactly is involved with Fashion.

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