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You know how when you're out on the town on a Friday or Saturday night and go to your favorite night spot and see this Guy who just looks like he has his style together. You know the guy who just naturally flows around the club and almost looks like he owns the place. The suit he is wearing looks impeccable. His shirt matches his suit as well as his tie and his shoes, wait his shoes match his suit like there's no tomorrow. That guy has to be wearing some Mens Stacy Adams Shoes. Now some of you might be asking yourself, what exactly makes these shoes urban in style. Well, I'm the guy to ask and I'll be the guy to answer. Mens Stacy Adams fashion shoes are generally Italian style dress shoes that come in all kinds of styles and colors and are usually worn by men who favor style. Many of them may have a longer toe style making them look longer than other shoes of your size.

You may find these Stacy Adams fashion shoes that come in smooth leather or just leather that has has been printed to look like crocodile skin. You may find the shoes come in smooth leather but with either pointy toes or wide box toes. The shoes may even have a combination of smooth leather and exotic skin. There is simply no rules to the creativity of urban style fashion shoes. The colors of the shoes also change on seasonal basis as well with darker colors for the fall and winter seasons and brighter colors including pastel colors like lavender for the spring and summer months. All made to match with the suits that are out that season.

The styles of Stacy Adams shoes will change from season to season and from year to year, not unlike women's fashion. I can also tell you that thing with fashion shoes is their shelf life. When it comes to fashion shoes, you have about a good five years that you can wear them until they are out of style. Because the styles change season after season and year after year, the shoes you bought five years ago will in fact look quite dated so it's time to donate them to the Goodwill. But, that's what makes shopping for urban style shoes fun because there are always new styles that come out every season to keep things looking fresh.

You'll always have a reason to shop at Contempo Suits for new shoe styles. In fact, you would be wise to assume that the type of man who favors wearing mens urban fashion shoes almost has the same obsession towards clothing and shoes as many women do. I know because I've been in this business for all of my adult life since I was a teenager. Men who favor these high fashion shoes will have a closet full of suits and shoes that rival any fashion conscience women that I know. I'm talking about dozens of Italian style shoes and Italian style suits and dress shirts, let me tell you about dress shirts. All ready to match up with those Italian style shoes and suits.

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