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Mens Urban Style Suits

When it comes to wearing mens suits, everybody has their own tastes and convictions. While it's more than perfectly acceptable to wear your basic mens suits ie: 2 piece single breasted dark muted color like navy or charcoal. There are some folks who want all eyes on them the second they enter that room full of people. For the basic suit wearer, think of them like they are a plain vanilla ice cream cone and for the latter a big giant hot fudge sundae with whipped cream,nuts and a cherry on top. I'm talking about works, I'm talking about Mens Urban Style Suits. Mens urban style suits are anything but ordinary mens suits.

They are the type of suits that designers create when they have to go nuts. Mens suits with an urban fashion style don't have the creative restrictions that regular business suits have. When you get down to it regular business suits all sort of look the same. But with Urban Style Suits, the only same involved is that they don't look ordinary. Urban style suits can be made of any type of fabric that the designer thinks will be in style. They can take ordinary suit fabric like a classic pinstripe fabric and make a suit that looks anything but classic. They can and will make fancy looking lapels that can be basic,narrow or extra wide. They can put hand stitching on the lapels with a contrasting color, the suit may have no lapels at all. That's just a taste of what goes into designing Mens urban fashion suits. Their simply aren't any rules involved since these suits are not for business but for fun.

The length of the suit jacket isn't sacred either because these suits are generally the offspring of zoot suits which smacked the conventions of suit fashion years ago. They can come with all types of fancy pleats or tabs on the jackets that you would never see on a basic mens suit. Maybe a contrasting vest. Are you getting an idea here that vanilla is not what the designer is driving for here. If you're the type of man who likes attention and is bold in nature, you may be the type of man who wears urban fashion suits. Look Here for Mens Urban Style Suits.

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