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Mens Walking Suits-Your Casual Clothing Alternative

For times that you need or want to get dressed up but don't feel like going all the way and wearing a mens suit and tie, you may want to consider wearing Mens Walking Suits. Walking Suits are a modern day style leisure suit that consists of a shirt made of suit fabric and matching pair of pants in the same suit fabric. These are a fashionable casual clothing alternative for men to wear. These fashion outfits can either come long sleeve or short sleeve for the warmer months and come in a huge variety of colors and fabric patterns.

Pretty much any fabric that is made into mens fashion suits is made into casual styled sets. Designers get very creative with designing walking suits because they are able to add different types of pockets or trimmings that may not be as easy to incorporate into mens fashion suits. They may use contrasting colors on the collars or use fancy looking buttons. Pretty much anything goes when designers come up with ideas for their walking style suits. These dressy style outfits will usually come with baggy pants and double pleats if that is the current style of the day. It is rare that you would even find them with slim fitting flat front pants. Mens walking suits are usually worn with mens dress shoes such as Stacy Adams or Giorgio Brutini or some other type Italian style shoes including Crocodile shoes and Alligator shoes. This may sound obvious but you should try to match the color of your dress shoes to your walking suit.

Because generally walking suits are all one color, their won't be really any way to contrast like you could wearing a mens fashion suit with contrasting shirt and shoes. One thing you shouldn't wear with these fashion ensembles are casual moccasin shoes because they will kill the elegance of the walking suit. Keep it dressy and let the good times roll.

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