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Mens White Shoes

Ever since the iconic scene from National Lampoon's movie "Vacation" back in 1983 with Chevy Chase's character receiving a white pair of casual shoes as a gift from his low class brother in law played by Randy Quaid, there has been a stigma on Mens White Shoes. Now sure, they were a lounge lizard staple of the late 1970s but those were casual shoes and not white dress shoes which are still a viable staple of mens fashion. If you're wearing a white suit whether it's a white linen suit or a white 2 piece single breasted suit, chances are that you're going to be wearing a pair of mens white shoes. Usually you need a pair of mens white shoes to match unless you're trying to contrast your ensemble with matching contrasting color shirt and shoes together.

There are many great looking white shoes for men available and look every bit as good as their darker color counterparts. Mens white shoes come in all the great styles these days like crocodile prints and cap toes as well. Usually the type of white dress shoes I would recommend wearing with a suit are lace up dress shoes and not loafers just because they have that stigma attached with lounge lizards.

The more traditional looking they are the better. The more they look like white color counterparts of a black pair of dress shoes the better. The ones that Randy Quaid was giving to Chevy Chase were cheesy white patent leather loafers that scream lounge lizard alert to anyone in the area. There are even very nice looking mens white shoes made of snakeskin that are very stylish looking if you're wearing fancier style suits. These days it just takes a little bit of style and fashion knowledge on how to put yourself together and not look like a clown from Planet Polyester.


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