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Mens White Tuxedos

Now just because you need to wear a Tuxedo doesn't mean that your choice is limited to wearing just black. While ladies can wear any number of colors, for men you simply have a choice to wear a White Tuxedo as well.

Mens white tuxedos are basically a mens tuxedo suit that is the same style as your traditional or non traditional black tuxedo and has satin lapels, covered buttons and satin stripe trim going down the leg of the pants. They come in a number of styles from your single breasted models with either 1,2, or 3 button jackets. Mens White Tuxedos can be had in double breasted models as well as a shawl collar jacket which has a rounded lapel style without notch or peaks on it.

Originally Mens white tuxedos came with black tuxedo pants with the satin striped down the side but times changed and demands were up for white tuxedo jackets to come with white tuxedo pants as well. You can find tuxedos like a White tux with tails or white tux with shadow stripes as well. We have hundreds upon hundreds of Mens Suits to choose from. Hook your feet up with a pair of new Stacy Adams Shoes. If You prefer to wear real exotic skin shoes, try Belvedere Shoes. Swing dance like it's the 1940s and get Your self some Zoot Suits.

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