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Men Suit Fashion-What goes around comes around

We have all heard the expression that when a suit goes out of style, just wait in a few years it will come back. While that saying is true, it is only partially true and here is why. The designers who pen the new designs for Mens Suits are always looking for a New inspiration. When designing suits there is always much copying of styles. If a certain brand name becomes very popular you can guarantee that other designers are already knocking off the styles or tweaking them a little. Sort of like taking a Cadillac and liking the way the car looks but getting rid of the tail fins.

Another thing that happens is the fabric mills every year completely change the fabric designs for suit manufacture. One year certain colors are popular or plaids or stripes for suits and other years maybe shiny is in vogue. Whatever the reason is, if your fashion suit is over a few years old you need to retire it. Each year suit makers are forever tweaking everything on their suits. The length of coat may get longer or shorter. The lapels on the coat may get wider or narrower. The lapels may get hand stitching for a couple years, then the next year they are gone. The trousers may get wider at the cuff or pegged at the cuff. People may wear the trousers with no cuff all on their suits. The suit fashion just keeps evolving.

Now let's say that a particular era that is easy to remember for suit fashion like the 1970s comes back god forbid. Remember those awful looking suits. The Wide lapels, awful colors, terrible plaids and even worse the thick horrible fabrics that they were made of. Those suit styles won't come back intact and here's why. When the fashion suit designers get their inspiration it will be different. Let's say a designer starts emulating 1970s suit fashion. It will not be quite the same as the original style. The suit designer may take certain fashion elements of the original suit but it will indeed have a most modern look to it. They may come back with a particular color that was popular in the 1970s or a particular fabric pattern or certain design elements and incorporate them in a modern way. It's much like when Ford introduced the new Mustang. They incorporated all the fashion elements from a few different eras into the new Mustang. Ford could have very well just completely made the original Mustang but times have changed as well as tastes,performance and safety features.

That is why if your suit goes out of style, it's time to get yourself a new suit. If a style comes back, it will look familiar but in reality it will be it's weird new cousin. Kind of like looking at something through a fun house mirror.

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