Mezlan Black Gator Shoes for Men Plain Toe Oxford Anderson 13584-F IS


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If you love the luxury of real crocodile shoes, you'll love these Mezlan black crocodile shoes called the Anderson. These are full genuine crocodile shoes in a sleek plain toe style that never goes out of style. Made completely by hand in old fashioned manner of shoe making. The initial experience of opening up the box and taking the shoe out of its flannel bag is an instand confirmation that you made the right choice. These Mezlan black crocodile shoes are the perfect addition to any style minded man's wardrobe. Features that you will find in these fine luxury shoes are the artfully hand carved full leather sole and heel. You will appreciate the sleek Italian style of the shoe itself with the smooth toe. If that was not enough already, the full leather lined interior for luxurious comfort will make you an instant fan of Mezlan Shoes.