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Playboy Chukka Boots

If you're young man hey days were during the mid to late 1970s, there were some casual shoes around that dominated the urban landscape like no others. They had a very thick rubber sided flat sole and were made in a clean looking chukka lace up. I'm talking about Playboy chukka boots.

A few years ago, GBX by Georgio Brutini footwear decided that time has come to bring these bad boys back to the fashion scene. You know how certain styles come back. Well this is living proof. You canít get any more comfort for your feet than these suede chukka boots. They are great to wear with jeans and a button down shirt or your favorite sweater. Another great way to wear suede chukka boots is with corduroys. Pick your favorite pair of corduroy pants with a nice matching sweater or a corduroy outfit and bam, Instant well dressed man. Truly the ultimate in casual footwear.

If you needed two colors of these Playboy chukka boots that would match with almost anything, I would highly recommend Black of course and Tan. Since Tan is a neutral color it will match with just about any color you throw at it. Tan looks great with your favorite blue jeans or Khaki slacks. Black of course is the always the first choice of the bunch because it is the cornerstone of all fashion colors. It simply matches with all colors.

One of the best things about GBX Suede Playboy boots is that they are affordable. Who needs to spend $150 or more on some fancy pants name when these chukka boots are just as comfortable and look even better. The best way to take care of suede boots is before you even wear them, make sure that you treat them with silicone based water and stain repellent spray. Kiwi and many other brands will do the trick. Just spray them thoroughly and let them dry for a couple of hours. When ever they get a little dirty just use a stiff brush and retreat them. They will last you for years that way. Get your James Bond look going with our selection of nice Tuxedos too. You should also check out our huge selection of affordable priced Mens Suits. Keep your style clean with Stacy Adams Shoes. Make people envy you by wearing Belvedere Shoes. Maybe you're shopping for Zoot Suits.


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