Pointed Collar Herringbone French Cuff Dress Shirt by Fratello FRV4906

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Now we all know about your basic white dress shirt but sometimes you want a bit more style and flavor when you get dressed. Here is a Herringbone French cuff dress shirt that will take you where you want to go with plenty of classy style. The herringbone fabric French cuff dress shirt by Fratello. This herringbone fabric French cuff shirt features a tone on tone herringbone woven fabric that just adds that certain something to your suit wardrobe lending you style that makes you certain that dressing well is not just what you have to do but what you want to do. Fabric is made of a luxurious Cotton/Poly 60%/40% Blend. If you like bold-looking dress shirts that you see in Gangster movies that all the mobsters wear, these dress shirts might be just what you are looking for.