Pronti Walking Suit Off White Corduroy Shirt Pants Outfit Snake Print SP6435 Size L, 2XL

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Dressing stylish for a party should never be a chore especially when Contempo Suits is here to help. Walking suits for the evening are always a great choice when dressing like a grown man is what You're all about. This off white corduroy outfit with a snakeskin pattern Walking Suit will make You say "I look Great" when You take a look at Yourself in the mirror. The pants are baggy and pleated and is made of soft smooth Poly wrinkle resistant fabric. Why you should buy walking suits like a 2 piece walking suit is simple. First, it's an outfit that is already put together and matching. When you are going to a special party or just going out on the town, you will be seen by people and you should always want to look your best and casual menswear like walking suits is just what the style doctor ordered. When you have pride in how you dress, it shows and everyone notices your style and soon will start to gravitate to you whether you realize it or not and mastering the art of casual menswear is made simple by wearing a walking suit. Now just because you've been introduced to walking suits or have been wearing them for years does not mean that you forget about your shoes. You should wear matching dress shoes that are either new or in new condition. Don't sell your casual menswear style short by wearing a pair of shoes that you pulled from the back of your closet 2 or 3 presidents ago, or a pair of dress shoes that has seen better days. Remember, you have to look good from Head to Toe.