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Shiny Sharkskin Suit-New Take on a Retro Look

Sometimes a fashion suit trend comes and dominates the field of fashion. A suit style that becomes the 800 pound gorilla in the room that simply can't be ignored. If you are curious about which 800 pound gorilla I'm talking about, it's quite simple. The Shiny Sharkskin Suit. Although sharkskin comes and goes every generation it seems in the fashion suit universe. The sharkskin suit has come to play in a really big way. If you notice, you'll see that all kinds of styles and colors are being made into shiny style suits from your standard 2 button and 3 button single breasted suit styles to your high fashion three piece fancy looking shiny sharkskin fabric suits.

Now the sharkskin suit originally came out in the 1950s and became a huge hit among stylish dressing men at the time. The sharkskin fabric was not as shiny as it is made today but more of a muted sateen finish that ever so slightly gave off a sheen showing that this wasn't your average looking suit to wear to the office. They generally were always 2 button single breasted styles but could be had in double breasted styles as well and were quite popular.

Once the early 1960s took hold, sharkskin style mens suits became more popular and more stylish and could be found made of shiny sharkskin material that you would see entertainers like James Brown wearing on stage for maximum visual impact. These days, the most popular colors that you will see for a sharkskin suit are the shiny black fabric that shimmers in the light like nothing else and shiny silver that makes the suit look almost like its made of metal. It's a new take on a retro look.

It always fascinates me how the fashion industry works. Somehow a suit designer just decides that shiny sharkskin is the fabric to use for suits and all the suit makers jump the bandwagon and start designing all of their suits in shiny sharkskin fabric like a feeding frenzy until they make these shiny suits in every possible style that is both known and unknown to man until it gets saturated in the market place until the next big thing comes out. It is simply amazing.

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