Stacy Adams Mens Plaid Suit Beige Modern Fit SM150H1-01

Stacy Adams

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This Stacy Adams plaid suit is the perfect combination of classic style and modern fit. The beige plaid pattern adds a touch of sophistication, while the modern fit ensures a comfortable and flattering silhouette. The single-breasted jacket features stylish peak lapels and side vents in the back, while the double-breasted vest adds a touch of elegance. The flat front pants are ready to be hemmed to your desired length. Made with a soft wool feel and fine poly/rayon fabric, this suit is perfect for any occasion. Features: - Beige plaid pattern - 1 button single-breasted jacket - Side vents in back - Stylish peak lapels - Full lined jacket - Fancy double-breasted vest - Modern fit - Flat front pants ready to hem - Soft wool feel - Fine poly/rayon fabric Benefits: - Classic style with a modern fit - Comfortable and flattering silhouette - Perfect for any occasion - High-quality materials for durability and comfort - Versatile and stylish design

  • Modern Fit Suit
  • Beige Plaid 1 Button Single-Breasted Jacket
  • Side Vents in Back
  • Stylish Peak Lapels
  • Full Lined Jacket
  • Fancy Double Breasted Vest
  • Modern Fit Flat Front Pants
  • Ready to Hem
  • Soft Wool Feel
  • Fine Poly/Rayon Fabric