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Stacy Adams Madison Shoes Have Been Around Generations

Name something, anything that you are able to purchase today that you could have purchased over a hundred years ago. If you can, it might take up only a couple fingers on one hand. One of those fingers may be a pair of Stacy Adams Madison Mens Shoes. In an age of Blackberry's and Twitter it is hard to find something that exists for purchase that existed in a time when you had to hand crank start your automobile. Think about it, we live in a time of New. New smart phones, Ipads and even automobiles. Everything has to new, from style to technology. Buildings, they don't get repaired anymore, just knock them down and build new. Well in the world of mens shoes, it's still nice to know that somethings will never change. One of those shoes that just seems to go on forever are Stacy Adams Madison Shoes. The first time I laid eyes on these biscuit toe shoes, I felt like they almost were something that came from another time period because technically they do. You can totally imagine someone from 1920 wearing these shoes all decked up.

The Madison is a cap-toe style shoe that have been around over a century. Sounds crazy, right. Stacy Adams Madison shoes were called the biscuit toe shoes by fans since the cap toe resembled a biscuit. Stacy Adams Madisons are made of the same specifications that they were a hundred years ago. Constructed of fine kidskin leather and fully leather lined inside for comfort and moisture wicking, finished with a durable leather out sole. Featuring Goodyear Welt construction which is the way the out sole attaches to the leather upper part of the shoe. You will find Goodyear welt construction on many of the finest made shoes. The one difference is that Stacy Adams Madisons come in a huge selection of color and leathers. Back in the olden days you were blessed to be able to buy them in either Black or Brown but now they come in over a dozen varieties. Stacy Adams Madisons are simply a shoe design made to last for the well dressed man. It's been said before that quality never goes out of style and I believe that fully. People with intelligence want to get their money's worth. Who wants to buy something that is obsolete in few months anyway like all the smartphones out there. Seems almost criminal. Shop here for Stacy Adams Madison Shoes.

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