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Suits for Men

Do you like Mens Suits? Take a moment and think about it. Mens Suits can be many things in terms of men's apparel. They have been around for since the 17th century in one form or another. Mens Suits of course are nothing more than a jacket that buttons and a matching pair of slacks. A mens suit is both a business uniform and a proper outfit to wear for special events such as weddings and such. Mens Suits change their style but at a snails pace so the casual fan doesn't even seem to notice the difference but the differences are there. From the type of lapels on the jacket to the width of the lapels. Minor changes in the possible stripes or patterns in the fabric to the shades of blues, grays and black.

Mens Suits generally worn to work are uniforms meant to look professional and not call attention to anything other than the tasks at hand. They are usually muted in colors to the previously said blues and greys with muted patterns. Always worn with neck ties. Generally mens suits worn to work are exclusively single breasted with no more than 3 buttons on the front of the coat and worn with a necktie. Now suits that are worn for special occasions and party events are a chance to possibly let yourself go a bit. It's a whole different look than wearing Mens Blazers. Those can be either bolder patterns, colors and styles itself. If you're a bold person, let your suit be bold as well. Depending on the event and the type of crowd you may see suits that are simply outrageous and could never be worn to work unless your intent may be grounds for dismissal. It just wouldn't be a good idea to wear a zoot suit to work unless you work in an entertainment environment. These days you can even find them in a variety of fits such as the new but retro Slim Fit Suits.

The crazy thing about suits is huge price span which can start at around a hundred dollars and sky rocket to many thousands of dollars. Usually you can find very good quality suits these days for not much money but they will still not look like a custom bespoke suit. Standard suits you purchase from a store are generally called off the rack suits. Off the rack suits are worn by the overwhelming majority of people just because they are affordable. They need little in the way of altering. Usually some hemming for the length is all that is needed when the suit fits the wearer. For those where money is not an issue there is the tailored suit and custom tailored suit. The tailored suit is not much more than a good quality off the rack suit that you have your tailor custom fit to your body frame giving it a beautiful fit. Attention is closely paid to by the tailor to the back and chest of the jacket.

For those who eat with silver spoons there is the custom tailored suit or bespoke suit which is fully tailored from the customers measurements and chosen fabrics that soon to be suit owner likes. The tailor takes all the measurements and makes patterns to cut the suit fabric and fashion the suit. It usually takes several fittings by tailor to get all the details of fit just right. From the chest to the shoulders to the arms. It will be completely made for the owner. Usually only the finest wool fabrics are used for bespoke suits that are made to give the perfect drape and texture for the suit.

Whether you're just the average Joe or a multi millionaire jet setter, there is a suit that will make you look your very best with just a little research.

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