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Summer Suit-How are They Different from Other Suits

Unless you're working in an office environment and wear Mens Suits to work on a daily basis, one thing is for certain. You will end up wearing a suit more often than not in the warmer months of Spring and Summer. Wearing a suit in the summer shouldn't be as bad a situation as you might think with AC virtually everywhere. Suits that are constructed for the summer months are always made of a lighter material. A suit that is made to worn in the summer come in whole host of colors and varieties such as linen suits and light color summer suits in various shades of tan and beige. Don't fret thought because you can always find a huge selection of the latest looks at ContempoSuits.com in traditional darker suit colors as well like navy, black and greys in all types of pinstripe and pattern configurations. Like I mentioned earlier the difference will be in the weight of the fabric and colors that you will immediately notice compared to a three season weight fabric suit. On a three season suit the fabric is noticeably beefier than the lighter weight summer suit fabric and darker in color as well. Lighter weight fabric means that the fabric is not meant to keep the body warm and lets the breezes through.

With a daytime wedding summer suits are always the most noticeable because the suits will always be in light colors from white,off white to tan and khaki. Light gray is also a very popular color to wear in those warmer months and I highly recommend wearing one as well. When wearing a suit made for those hotter months it should be noted that you should stay away if not run away from wearing any oxford weight cloth dress shirt. It is similar to wearing a blanket during the hotter month. I would always go with wearing a fine broadcloth dress shirt that is light in weight. It just makes sense. Don't let a little thing like warmer temperatures scare you away from dressing your best. Shop Here for a Summer Suit.

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