Men's Metallic Silver Tuxedo Jacket Blazer After Midnite 5876 Size M

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It only makes sense that mens dinner jackets will make you look great when you go out for the evening. That is because when it comes to menswear, nothing boosts your appearance better or quicker than just adding a simple stylish dinner jacket to what you may already be wearing for the night. These dinner jackets are made by After Midnite and have that Italian style in their DNA just because they are designed in Italy for the man who appreciates style and how to dress to impress. This fancy metallic silver dinner jacket has the ability to be worn as either a tuxedo jacket or a blazer just by the style that can create. It has side vents in the back for ease of movement and is made of poly microfiber fabric. Modern style fit. Blazer size conversion is as follows Small (36 Chest), Medium (38 Chest ), Large (40-42 Chest ), XL (44-46 Chest ), 2X (48 Chest ), 3X (50-52 Chest), 4X (54-56 Chest ), 5X (58 Chest), 6X (60 Chest).