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Velvet Blazers and Velour Jackets-How They Differ

Words mean things and sometimes certain terms are interchangeable for something that is similar but not quite the same. Velvet blazers and Velour dinner jackets are exactly what I'm referring to. For most people, Mens Velvet Blazers and velour dinner jackets are one and the same. They look the same depending on the style and have the same sort of impression but there are differences that will require just a little bit of investigation in how they differ.

Let's start with the fabrics first. Velvet and velour, although very similar in how they look with their fine fuzzy fiber like material are actually not the same thing. Velvet if you're going to be literal is actually a stiffer feeling fabric that has long been used for both blazers for men and even for furniture as well and car upholstery because the fabric has a way of standing up to wear and not matting down as easily to maintain it's crisp look. Velour on the other hand although similar looking as mentions previously feels more like puppy dogs ears and are usually made of cotton. Velour is very soft and the softer the velour is on that dinner jacket, the finer and better quality the fabric is. Whereas velvet blazers have that stiffer feel, the velour blazer is buttery soft in comparison.

Which one is better, you might ask. There really isn't a way to answer that because it all depends on what you are using the blazer for and whether you want to look more formal or not. True velvet will usually be the better choice for a formal dining setting with it's crisper look and the way it maintains it shape better than velour. Velour blazers are a better choice for a more casual setting but either jacket can be dressed up of dress down these days. Let's face it. Strict attire rules that were around a hundred years sort of sank with the Titanic when these nitpicking rules existed. Either choice you make whether you get yourself a velvet blazer or velour dinner jacket depends on how much you like what you are spending your hard earned money on.

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