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Vinci Heather Charcoal 3 Piece Suit Mens Wool Feel Super 150s 3TR-3

Vinci Heather Charcoal 3 Piece Suit Mens Wool Feel Super 150s 3TR-3 - click to enlarge

Name:Vinci Heather Charcoal 3 Piece Suit Mens Wool Feel Super 150s 3TR-3
Seen Elsewhere $199.99
Contempo Price $129.99
Save: $70.00 (35%) Today!

Product Description

If you've never owned a 3 Piece Suit before, I usually tell my customers that one of the first colors they should seriously consider adding to their wardrobe is charcoal grey. Charcoal is always a good color to start with because it is sort of like a blank canvas for a man which allows him to learn how to color coordinate his dress shirts and ties and becomes a great building block for any suit wardrobe. This charcoal grey 3 piece suit by Vinci has a 3 button jacket in a single breasted style with notched lapels, side vents on the back of the jacket, a matching vest and double pleat pants that come lined to the knees ready for tailoring to your custom length. The fabric is luxurious feeling wool touch Poly/Rayon. You can start looking like a man who garners respect as soon as you start dressing like man in 3 piece suit.

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Questions you may have with buying a 3 piece suit.

Question: Should I always wear the vest when I'm wearing my 3 piece Suit?

Answer: It's not necessary to wear the vest during our modern era and no one will know the difference that the suit you are wearing is really a 3 piece suit but I look at it this way. If you made the purchase of a suit that comes with matching vest and were ready to make that plunge into classy menswear, you should most definitely wear the vest and make your 3 piece suit the way it was intended to be worn, altogether. These days you see more men wearing only 2 piece suits because it seems that most men don't have the intestinal fortitude or confidence to wear a suit that comes with a vest. If the day comes that you wear a 3 piece suit to work, you should be prepared for the comments like "hey nice vest you got on" or "look who's trying to get a raise". That is how much more powerful you'll look when you wear a 3 piece suit because some people will feel intimidated when you wear one. If you watch any movie or even a TV show like "Mad Men" you will see the very most powerful men in the room wearing a 3 piece suit. It almost seems to symbolize the Boss.

Question: Why are your 3 piece suits that you carry online sold so cheap?

Answer: The prices that you see on any 3 piece suit that you can buy online at may be cheap in price but let me tell you they are not cheap in quality. They are made in the very newest suit factories in China in state of the art factories with the very newest machines and have many hand tailored features in them making for a very well made 3 piece suit that both looks good on the hanger but really looks better on you. The fabrics are generally Poly/Rayon fabric that are made on state of art fabric weaving machines and are so high quality that you will difficulty telling the difference from a suit that cost $500 or more. The fabric is generally a super 150s fabric which is an extremely fine woven fabric which 50 or 60 years was only found on only the finest suits that money could buy but now because of the advancement of fabric technology can be found on a 3 piece suit costing under $200. Another thing to consider is because we have been in the suit business since 1983 we have the both the skill and knowledge discernment to know which brands make a high quality suit that is priced cheap for the consumer who appreciates value.

Question: Is there any special way to wear a 3 piece suit?

Answer: You can wear a 3 piece suit in the same manner that wear a 2 piece suit except for one thing, wear it with more confidence and see what happens when you're near people. You'll notice that more people will be calling you sir all of sudden in comparison to wearing just a 2 piece suit because that extra vest seems to just add an air of establishment to your persona that wearing a basic suit doesn't add. It's really hard to understand exactly why this is because I mentioned previously, the vest makes for the complete look and seems to add an extra layer of armor to your persona. Without that vest, it's almost like you look more vulnerable because that vest armor is missing. If you're wearing your suit to a standard office, you'll probably want to wear just a white shirt and tie of your choice because you are at work and making a fashion statement is always frowned upon in a work environment. If you're going to Church, well that is a whole different story and you will have all sorts of options there. At Church you'll be able to shine brightly by wearing any type or color dress shirt and matching tie and hanky that matches your suit or catches your eye. You can really let your personal sense of style show when you go to Church on Sunday or if you're just getting dressed up for a special occasion.

Question: How Should I wear the Jacket on a 3 piece suit?

Answer: If you want to look like you are a natural suit wear, I strongly recommend that you always have the jacket on a 3 piece suit unbuttoned at all times because you already have the vest on that is your protective armor so it is not necessary to button up that jacket, plus by leaving your jacket open at all times, people will see that you are wearing a vest so there is simply no need to button up that jacket. In fact, it doesn't really look as good when you button up a jacket on a three piece suit. Once again the prime purpose of wearing a suit with a vest is to show that extra layer of armor that the vest provides.

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