Mens Purple Color Suit 2 Button Jacket Joker Suits Stage Costume Lucci 2PP


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Mens Purple Color Suit 2 Button Jacket Joker Lucci 2PP. There aren't many occasions to wear a Purple color Suit unless you're an Entertainer on Stage or are just looking for Maximum attention, but one of the best reasons to wear a Purple Suit is for Halloween. Dressing up as the Joker from Batman, whether it's the Dark Knight movie with the Heath Ledger version or the Jack Nicholson version from the first movie. You'll make a great looking Joker in this single breasted 2 Button Purple Suit by Lucci. Why get an inferior-looking Joker Costume made of cheesy fabric when you can get a real purple color mens suit and make yourself up with the green-tinted hair and white face makeup and look like you're the Joker from Batman. The suit jacket is single-breasted with notched lapels and two buttons with side vents. The pants come single-pleated. This Purple Suit is made of Poly/Poplin Wrinkle Resistant Fabric. This is the Joker Suit Costume you have been looking for. That way, you can tell everyone at the Party, "Why So Serious?".