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Vinci Mens Black Banker Pinstripe Three Piece Suit V3RS-9

Vinci Mens Black Banker Pinstripe Three Piece Suit V3RS-9 - click to enlarge

Name:Vinci Mens Black Banker Pinstripe Three Piece Suit V3RS-9
Seen Elsewhere $200.00
Contempo Price $149.99
Save: $50.01 (25%) Today!

Product Description

Whether you're shopping online for a Sharp looking single breasted black banker stripe 3 piece suit for work or a nice looking suit for church, one brand that you shouldn't overlook is Vinci. Vinci is an Italian Style Suit brand that specializes in Cheap Suits that are well made and look great, fit great and are quite affordable as well. When you buy a Vinci Suit, you can be rest assured that not only did you get a good deal on a suit but you got a sharp looking black stripe 3 Button 3 Piece Suit that fits great each and every time you put it on. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a suit to get the fit and quality that you are looking for. This Vinci Single Breasted 3 Button Suit features Super 120s Wool Touch Poly/Rayon fabric with notched lapels, double vent Back, french faced lining and pleated pants that are lined to the knee. Read More About 3 Piece Suits Here.

Questions you may have concerning buying a 3 Piece Suit online with pinstripes.

Question: How do I know what size 3 piece suit to buy online?

Answer: One of the great things about a brand like Vinci is that when you know your suit size whether you are buying a 3 piece suit or just a 3 button single breasted suit, you'll be getting a suit that you know is going to fit. The first thing you need to do if you don't already know your exact suit size is to get yourself measures by someone with a tape measure. Have them first measure your chest all the way around with your arms hanging to find your suit jacket size. If your chest measures 44 inches all the way around, you will know that your 3 piece suit or any suit size will be a 44. Next, you should have your waist size measured. Now if your waist is smaller than the listed waist size you see for the 3 piece suit, don't worry because the pants on dress suits are made to let in easily up to 2 inches without any major alterations. If your waist is a bit bigger than the size listed with the suit jacket, they can be let out in the waist as well up to 2 inches without any problem. All the suit jacket sizes come with the said size waist on the pants. Now if you're size is really off either you need to get remeasured or you're going to need to figure out another option because these are standard off the rack fitting suits and can easily fit 95 percent or more of the men they were designed to fit. Once you figure out your suit jacket size you need to know if you're a regular, long or short suit size wearer. I usually use the simple height determination to figure out what size you need to wear. If you are 5'6" or shorter I recommend a Short suit size. If your are 5'7" up to 6'0", I suggest that you order a a Regular. Now if you are lanky or taller, you will need a Long to accommodate your longer arms and torso. On a long suit, the sleeves are generally 2 inches longer than a regular and the jacket body is about an inch longer as well.

Question: Are Vittorio St. Angelo 3 piece suits well made?

Answer: When you receive your 3 piece suit with the Vittorio St. Angelo label, you will be really impressed with how well it is made from the fit of the suit to fine quality of the fabric that it is made out of. These 3 piece suits by Vittorio St. Angelo are hand tailored and have all of the quality construction features that you will find on suits costing $300 or more but at a cheap price. They have canvas chest pieces sewn in the jackets that you don't usually find on cheap suits and have properly constructed shoulders providing a fit that you will love once you put it on. Because the jacket is properly constructed you won't see that the shoulders sag like you see on other types of cheap suits or the jacket lose it's original shape because it was properly constructed. Inside the jacket you will see a well made suit lining that is oftentimes a french faced lining that has a distinct style to it and is hand sewn. The pants on these 3 piece pinstripe suits will have linings that are down to knees and all of the top quality seam stitching and waistband construction that you would expect on more expensive suits.

Question: Are 3 piece suits comfortable to wear?

Answer: The short answer is yes. A 3 piece suit that fits you properly is just as comfortable to wear as a 2 piece suit with the only difference of the added vest. The vest will be sized the same as the suit jacket with the added bonus that the back of the vest has the strap feature to cinch for a more custom fit to your torso. Many men who are regular suit buyers appreciate wearing a 3 piece suit because if it gets really warm where you happen to be, you can just take off that suit jacket and have on the vest and look more presentable than if you were just wearing the shirt and tie. There is something about a 3 piece suit that just looks more formal and put together than your standard 2 piece suit. That is why years ago Men of Stature were only seen wearing 3 piece suits and 2 piece suits were considered more casual wear back then.

Question: Are there any recommended ways to wear a 3 piece suit, especially pinstripe?

Answer: I always like to tell my customers to just people watch including television where you may see some of your favorite celebrities or athletes wearing a suit. These guys always have professional stylists having them dress up in this suit or that suit, so you know from the get go that they are going to look like the million dollars that they are worth. If you see someone wearing a 3 piece suit with a certain shirt and tie combination that you like, by all means go for it and carry yourself with confidence and you too will like a million bucks also. Since these 3 piece suits are your classic pinstripe style, you can wear so many different shirt and tie combination from your classic white shirt and pattern tie to something with more flavor to it like a bright color dress shirt and matching tie and make that pinstripe 3 piece suit really impress.

Question: Can you wear this suit as the groom in a wedding?

Answer: Depending on what the bride wants the wedding to be like, this pinstripe 3 piece suit is a great choice to wear if you're the groom or if you want the men in the wedding party to wear a 3 piece suit. The suit is very well made and is made of very fine suit fabric and will make a fine looking wedding suit for the man who doesn't want to wear a tuxedo and best of all, you'll be able to wear this pinstripe suit to any other special occasion like some one Else's wedding. It's all in how you dress it up.

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