Mens Black Velvet Blazer by Tony Blake 2 Button SR4 Size M

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A Black velvet blazer is the Must Have Fashion Item for the well dressed man when fall comes around. You may already have some mens sport coats in your wardrobe but you will really spice up your style with a black velvet blazer. The great thing with a Mens velvet blazer, is that you can dress them up with slacks or dress them down with jeans. With side vents and 2 Buttons up front, you'll be ready for anything when style counts. The soft rich texture of this Velvet fabric is what makes a blazer like this such a pleasure to wear. When the weather gets a brisk outside you'll be more than comfortable in this epic piece of pure style. Medium (38 Chest ), Large (40-42 Chest ), XL (44-46 Chest ), 2X (48 Chest ), 3X (50-52 Chest), 4X (54-56 Chest ) 5X (58 Chest) How to wear a black velvet blazer isn't really that complicated. There are two basic ways how to wear one of these velvet style blazers and once you understand what to do with them, they won't seem that difficult. The first thing you need to know the season. Well, it's not that difficult. Fall and Winter. Those are seasons when to wear a velvet blazer. Try wearing one in the Summer. It will feel like an electric blanket. The first way to wear one and the more classic way is with a pair of slacks. Dress pants that is. A nice and newly pressed white dress shirt with a tie or not is always a great way to wear these cold weather blazers. So by just wearing your basic dress shirt, dress pants and then velvet blazer, you'll look like you're ready for anything. The other way and more modern casual way to wear a velvet jacket is with jeans. I'm not talking about the jeans you wore to work for plumbing or farming in. I'm talking about wearing designer jeans. Designer jeans that happen to be in style I might add for clarification. Then throw on that crisply pressed white dress shirt and then put your black velvet blazer for that casual and yet sophisticated look that just plain works if you're going to one of those trendy style bars downtown. I have also seen many late twenty year old men also wear a velvet blazer with a french cuff style dress shirt with the french cuffs open and folded over the cuff of the jacket sleeves for a trendy and fashionable look. It all depends on how you like to roll. So, learning how to wear a black velvet blazer really isn't that complicated.