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How to Wear a Zoot Suit

How to wear a zoot suit is anything but difficult once you learn what you need. When it comes to wearing Zoot Suits, it should be assumed that wearing them to the office is a big no no. Zoot suits are for fun time events and church when you can let "Let your Hair Down". Think of wearing these type of long jacket looking suits to fun wedding celebrations,parties and other festive events. The great thing about zoot suits to begin with is the many ways you can wear them. Think of these fancy get ups as a creative fun way to get spiffed up. See How Zoot Suits are Different from a business suit.

There are two ways I always recommend to wear these types of fashion suits. The first way is to match the shirt and shoes in color together with the contrasting color of the suit. For example, let's say you pick out a nice tan zoot suit that catches your eye. You can match a contrasting color such as brown shirt,shoes and hat to wear with the tan color ensemble. It is a really easy to wear look that will never let you down.

The second way is to match zoot suits in a stylish manner is with the same color shoes. Tan suit, tan shoes. Then you can wear a contrasting dress shirt to match. Say a black or white shirt but the tie will match your entire fashion ensemble. It's almost a monochrome look except for the added contrasting color that makes your look pop.

The third way to wear a zoot suit is what I call the monochrome look. All one color. Tan zoot suit,tan shoes,tan shirt, and tan hat. With a little imagination and opportunity you will start to develop your own sense of how to wear zoot suits.

Zoot suits have always been for Men who want to be noticed and watched. You will never see any shy conservative types wearing stylish looking long jacket style suit because you simply can't blend in when you wear one. Wearing a zoot suit will make you the star in the crowd so be ready for it.

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