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White Parties

Is seems like in this day and age if a party is going to be a success, it is necessary for that party to have the following criteria. First, you need a nice list of people who like to enjoy themselves, you need good food and drink and you need a theme for the party. What do you get when you combine a grass roots movement and a party planner? A fashion phenom called the white party. A white party is a large organized party held at either a hall or hotel or any other place designed for large parties where everyone goes to the party dressed in white. All white. Men and Women promenading together in pure white. Men are all decked out wearing their Mens White Suits or White Walking Suits and ladies of course are wearing their all white dresses, pants sets or white outfits. It's a really amazing visual seeing so many people having fun dressed up in white.

The white party started originally in the gay community during the late 1980s during President's Day weekend at a club called the "Flamingo" in New York. Naturally everybody attending the party had to wear white. Since then, white parties have sprung up all over the country independent of each other and have gone mainstream. The White Party became an anti AIDS event because the color white symbolized purity. Which is why it is often worn in many religious ceremonies. Dressing as a man for a white party shouldn't be difficult at all. All you need are the basic men's suit fashion essentials. You can start off with a white suit. Now if you're not too sure where you can find a White Suit to wear for one of these White Parties, you can rest assure that will have a huge selection of Mens White clothing for you to choose from. Falcone always makes white suits as well as Stacy Adams. A matching dress shirt and tie with french cuffs and some white dress shoes. always has white fashion dress shoes for men in stock for just the occasion Another route to go is a nice two piece white walking suit from Montique if you want to dress a little more casual. Either way and you're ready to be a washed in a sea of white. Do You Like Genuine Crocodile Shoes.

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