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Inserch Mens White Linen Suit Italian Style 2 Piece 66010 (IS)

Inserch Mens White Linen Suit Italian Style 2 Piece 66010 (IS) - click to enlarge

Name:Inserch Mens White Linen Suit Italian Style 2 Piece 66010 (IS)
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Product Description

Inserch has a mens white linen suit solution when the Warm Weather Breaks. If you've ever worn Linen Suits for Men and like the casual and yet sophisticated Italian style look that a white linen suit possesses. If you appreciate style, you will need this Inserch 2 button single breasted Italian Style two piece white linen suit. Fabric is 100% Pure Linen. The suit jacket on this white linen suit is a two button Italian style with peaked lapels and side vented back. Pants included with this white linen suit are flat front style for the fashion forward man and lined to the knee. This pure white linen suit is great for that Casual but Sophisticated look for the warm weather look fantastic with Stacy Adams Shoes. Say Bon Giorno with pure Italian Style. Just think how regal and sophisticated you can look wearing a white linen suit for men.

The sizes displayed are jacket sizes. Pant sizes for 36-46 chest will be 6 inches smaller then the jacket size. Pants sizes for 48-52 will be 5 inches smaller, and 54-56 the pant sizes will be 4 inches smaller than the jacket size. Ex. Size 40 Regular Jacket comes with size 34 Waist Pants

A white linen suit for men have a very worldly Italian style that other types of suits can't really duplicate. Think of the actor George Hamilton residing in the French Riviera overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and you'll get the idea. Men's linen suits are a casual style suit for the style minded man that knows what real style and persona are all about. A man who knows how to properly carry himself in an Italian suit is great candidate to wear mens linen suits during the Summer in a casual but classy location. Mens linen shirts give the same effect.

Since you have discovered that Contempo Suits is a store that specializes in fashion suits of all kinds for men, you can learn how to wear a white linen suit as well. A white linen suit isn't just a Summer suit or one trick pony. There are actually major ways how to wear a linen suit. The first way is the more traditional way to wear a suit such as wearing it with a dress shirts and tie. Now if you're going to a Summer wedding that is being held outside, this is a great way how to wear a linen suit. First, make sure that the dress shirt you're going to wear is made of lightweight all cotton broadcloth fabric. This is a super fine Summer weight cotton fabric that you wear in Summer because it is both light in weight and very fine. You can use either a spread collar style or traditional pointed collar style dress shirt to wear.

Even though I'm a big fan of french cuff shirts, when you're dealing with wearing any type of suit outside in the Summer, I strongly recommend wearing a dress shirt with your standard barrel cuff style with a white linen suit. The reason is that you want less bulk and not more when you're wearing any type of Summer type suit outside and french cuffs can just be too much. Once you have chosen your dress shirt and tie combination, now you can focus on what shoes you need to wear. Since this is a more casual style suit, You can wear dress shoes that are primarily lighter color. Tan is always a great choice of color dress shoes when it comes to wearing a white linen suit. I wouldn't go with black because it just is too business like and formal. A nicely polished tan color dress shoe on the other hand is a match made in heaven when you're going to an outdoor Summer wedding.

Another way how to wear a white linen suit is the semi-casual look. The semi-casual look is primarily wearing a button down shirt or even a dress shirt underneath without a tie. Leave the tie at home this time and you'll look semi-casual but still very well-dressed. I think of the French Riviera as the style you want to achieve or mimic. You'll see all the wealthy European men that have style wearing their suits this way. Since it is hot in the Summer, wearing your suit in this semi-casual manner just makes sense and looks sophisticated as well.

You can always tell who is the well-dressed man when you're on a Summer vacation and you see them wearing their suit this way. It always works and always looks great. When it comes to what type of shoes to wear, once again, go with the lighter color leather shoes, I like loafers myself and there are number of styles and types of semi-casual leather loafers that will go great with a linen suit. Mezlan loafers are always a great choice and go perfect with linen suits primarily because Mezlan shoes are from Spain and the Spain is a Mediterranean climate and country. Their collection of styles just plain work.

The last way how to wear a linen suit is what I call the Miami Vice way. The Miami Vice method of wearing a white linen suit is just what you would remember if you're old enough to have watched Miami Vice in the mid-eighties. Back around 1985 the show Miami Vice exploded on the scene and became one of those cultural phenomenons that both created a whole new genre and introduced a whole new style of how to dress in Miami or any hot climate. Don Johnson was the one half of the crime drama who introduced everyone on how to wear a white linen suit in South Beach. The look was extremely European.

The way that Don Johnson wore a white linen suit as well as many other colors was fully casual. He would wear the suit of course with no tie ever. In fact, the shirts he wore with the suits were pretty much just pastel color t-shirts that contrasted to the color of his suit and for shoes, he wore French style Espadrilles. Espadrilles are a canvas fabric slip on loafer that have an out-sole that is made of a spiral like rope with a thin rubber bottom glued to it holding the sole and loafer all together. These casual slip on shoes became the type of shoe and only shoe that he wore for most of the show's lifespan. It became a whole new-look and at the time, every suit manufacturer were chasing the whole Miami Vice style and men all across America that lived in the Metropolitan areas were wearing their linen suits Miami Vice style. Even after a few seasons into the show, the style that Don Johnson wore only changed slightly. He went from wearing pastel color linen suits and t-shirts to more traditional color suits and t-shirts but still wore them in the same manner. So, you see, how you wear a linen suit is up to you and there are several ways how you can wear them to reflect your sense of style.

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