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Zoot Suit Shoes

You got yourself a Zoot Suit and and now you need to get the proper shoes to wear with it. You want to make your look as authentic as possible just like the Pachuco men wore back in the 1930s and 40s. They have to be dress shoes with style of course and they have to compliment the whole look of wearing a zoot suit to begin with. There is one brand and only one brand that you need to consider to make wearing your zoot suit a more authentic nod to the past. Stacy Adams.

Stacy Adams Shoes were the brand that overwhelmingly were worn by Pachuco men who wore zoot suits. That is because the philosophy of Stacy Adams was not just to make mens dress shoes but to make dress shoes with style for men who favor something with flavor and not some staid shoes that you would see on a banker wearing. Stacy Adams had two main styles at the time bake then which are still made today and worn by men who favor the old school look. Stacy Adams Madison Shoes and the Dayton.

The Madison was a very popular shoe to wear with zoot suits because it had a clean look which was known as the biscuit toe shoe. They are pretty much a cap toe style dress shoe that lace up and have 6 eyelets. They come in a bunch of different colors and have a certain old school look to them because they have been around since old school was in session. They make a perfect style shoe to wear with a zoot suit.

The Dayton by Stacy Adams is another old school shoe that has been around since the 1920s and were also very popular with men who wore and wear zoot suits. The Dayton is a wingtip style dress shoe that also has that old fashioned look that are just made to be worn with a zoot suit. You can find them in solid colors and well as black and white two tone styles and they even make them in a variety of combinations of smooth leather and exotic skin print leather all with the authentic nod to the 1920s style that is unmistakeable.

Both the Madison and Dayton are the type of authentic style zoot suit shoes to wear when you really want to look as authentic as possible and take the look you are recreating seriously. Another bonus is that both style shoes fit very well and are quite comfortable. They ought to be since they have been selling for Generation after generation.

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