Alberto Mens Camel Wool Belted Topcoat Winter Full Length Belt-Coat IS

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Alberto Nardoni topcoats are made with quality tailoring and use finely woven unique fabrics that just look and feel amazing. This head turning camel color wool belted overcoat features a 48 inch length with French faced linings, and hidden buttons with the belted style being the finishing touch. You will also like the raglan-style sleeve shoulders for an added touch. The fabric is 100% plush wool. A matching color Homburg Hat will complete the look. Now if you're not quite sure what size Wool Overcoat you need to order. You'll need to know what your suit size is. If you generally wear a particular suit size that you know already, then just order the same size in the Overcoat. If you don't know what size Overcoat you wear, have someone measure your chest with a tape measure with your arms hanging down. Then have them measure your waist. Your chest size will be your Overcoat size.