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Belvedere Karmelo Black Full Lizard Skin Exotic Shoes

Belvedere Karmelo Black Full Lizard Skin Exotic Shoes - click to enlarge

Name:Belvedere Karmelo Black Full Lizard Skin Exotic Shoes
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Product Description

The Karmelo by Belvedere features Genuine lizard Skin combined with a Laceup Style featuring Hand Made craftsmanship with a full leather lining and hand stitched leather sole. Make the Crowd go Bananas when you step into the room wearing these Black lizard Skin Shoes by Belvedere Shoes. When you buy Belvedere Shoes, your wardrobe and you will look your absolute stellar best. Why buy Belvedere Alligator shoes? If you're a fashion forward stylish dresser and like to garner attention where ever you go and where ever you may be, Belvedere Alligator shoes will take you there. Plus, when you buy real Belvedere Alligator shoes you are guaranteed that they are some the best quality made shoes and feel more comfortable than other types of dress shoes because first and foremost they are not cheap so the shoe factory doesn't cut corners on quality and use cheap materials to make genuine Belvedere Alligator shoes.

Many People love to wear Belvedere Alligator shoes because of the way they look and the way they fit on their feet. Plus Belvedere Alligator Shoes last a long time so you get your money's worth compared to cheap imitation shoes that start to look bad a few wears in. In fact it's the complete opposite. Belvedere Alligator shoes are made to the highest standards possible using only the best shoe making skills and made out of the finest quality leathers inside and out. It's common sense that Quality cost more.

You can't find quality when the shoes are made of inferior materials using cheap manufacturing methods. Something that would never ever be done with a pair of real Italian Belvedere Alligator shoes. You won't find fake leather anywhere near a pair of real Belvedere Alligator shoes that you buy. You won't find rubber soles or synthetic resin soles on a pair of real Belvedere Alligator shoes. You also won't find real Belvedere Alligator shoes made in Italy stinking of glues and plastic that is used on cheap shoes trying to look like real Belvedere Alligator shoes. You will only find high quality hand polished and hand stitched long lasting leather soles on a pair of genuine Belvedere Alligator shoes. You will also learn how well real Italian Belvedere Alligator shoes fit because they are made on anatomically correct shoe lasts which form the shoes and create the exact proper fit that tells you the moment you slip them on your feet that these Italian Belvedere Alligator shoes are special and worth every penny you paid for them.

Here are some common questions you may have about Belvedere Shoes.

Question: How do Belvedere Shoes run size wise?

Answer: All Belvedere shoes come in a standard Medium width and are sized in a traditional dress shoe size. If you ordinarily wear dress shoes from let's say Stacy Adams in a size 10, you can wear a size 10 in a pair of Belvedere shoes. If you don't ordinarily buy dress shoes and aren't quite sure what size you wear, you need to understand that dress shoes usually run a full size bigger than your standard sneakers like Nike or Reebok. Let's say that you always buy size 11 in a pair of Reebok running shoes. You will more than likely need to order a size 10 in a pair of Belvedere shoes.

Question: What makes a pair of Belvedere shoes cost more than a pair of Stacy Adams shoes?

Answer: If you're not sure why Belvedere shoes cost several hundred dollars, the answer is a very simple one. You get what you pay for. When you buy Belvedere shoes, you can know with absolute certainty that there are no dress shoes at any price that are made better than Belvedere. The reason is that Belvedere shoes are only made of fine quality exotic skins like crocodile, alligator,lizard skin and ostrich skin which is always very expensive and only the very best leather tanners know how to tan exotic skins unlike your standard cowhide. Belvedere shoes are also made in the Italian tradition of being completely made by hand which is something that mass produced dress shoes don't have the luxury of having. You can know that the people who make Belvedere shoes are literally shoe artisans who must apprentice for several years before they actually start making these shoe works of art. Everything is handmade from the pieces of the exotic skin uppers which are hand cut to the full leather soles and heels which are hand carved and nailed by hand. You simply can't find this kind of craftsmanship on a pair of cheap dress shoes costing under a hundred dollars. Because of craftsmanship and fine quality of the leathers and materials, a pair of Belvedere shoes will last you a very long time in comparison.

Question: Are Belvedere shoes comfortable?

Answer: The answer is yes,yes and yes. First off, Belvedere shoes since they are made of the finest leathers and exotic skin leathers. The artisans make the shoes on lasts which are shoe forms to not only ensure the look and style of the shoes but make sure that they will fit your feet. The interior of Belvedere shoes are not ignored either just because you can't really see the entire interior but slide your feet into them and you will immediately realize that the the shoes are completely lined in buttery soft lambskin which make the shoes that much more comfortable. It's almost like pampering your feet. The full lambskin lining not only provides comfort but also absorb your foot perspiration that cheap dress shoes can't because many of them may be lined with vinyl instead which we all know doesn't absorb at all.

Question: How do I take care of exotic skin shoes like Belvedere Shoes?

Answer: Just take care of them the way you would like to take care of a Porsche. Keep them clean by wiping them down with a damp rag if they get soiled or after wearing them. You can store them in the flannel shoe bags that come with the shoes in the shoe box if you wish to provide a dust free environment when you're not wearing them. Also, It's always a good idea to keep the shoes polished so that exotic skins that are used on the uppers are protected. You can use any quality shoe polish or shoe cream if you have some of the fashion color shoes and just follow the directions for using the polish.

Question: Why should I buy a pair of Belvedere Shoes?

Answer: If you're a man who knows and appreciates quality that is combined with edgy Italian style and likes the finer things in life, Belvedere shoes are for you. If you pay close attention to what professional athletes wear on their feet when they are all dressed up wearing a suit, many of them may just be wearing some exotic skin crocodile shoes from Belvedere. Check out their feet and you will see that they like the cutting edge Italian style that Belvedere provides for their image.

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