Belvedere Mens Blue Crocodile Lizard Oxford Shoes Valter


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Belvedere blue horn-back crocodile and lizard shoes are made for men who take their style seriously and favor stylish-looking suits as you see on Professional Athletes. Made of fine exotic skins like horn-back crocodile and sewn completely by hand, you'll quickly assume that these Belvedere blue horn-back crocodile shoes are not cheap. The Columbo is an ocean blue Italian lace-up made of shiny crocodile skin in a lace-up design with their buttery rich lambskin linings and hand-stitched leather sole and heels. So if fine exotic skin dress shoes are important to you, treat yourself with some Belvedere blue horn back crocodile shoes from Contempo. Please note that these blue horn back crocodile shoes feature raised scales on top.