Daniel Ellissa Mens Fuschia Dress Shirt Tie Hankie Set D1P2

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If it's a fuchsia dress shirt and tie set that is needed to make a bright personal impression, this Daniel Ellissa fuchsia dress shirt and tie set has got your back. Featuring a matching neck tie and hanky set with a nice geometric pattern, this fuchsia dress shirt and tie sets have the fashion moxie that will make you look unique in a crowd full of the same old thing. These are also available for group orders whether you need them for Church or Entertainment. Fuchsia is one of those colors that looks great with many color suits you already might own in your closet like grey, navy, and even black. This fuchsia dress shirt and tie set will never be boring to wear. Please Note that Matching Ties May Not be Exact Ties That are Shown in the Picture. Shirt will come with a matching color patterned tie.