Daniel Ellissa Mens Purple Dress Shirt Tie Hankie Set D1P2

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So, your Church has informed you that you need to order some purple color dress shirts or maybe it's your Wardrobe manager who put in the order. No need to worry because ContempoSuits.com has your back. This purple dress shirt and tie set by Daniel Ellissa make having the whole group match in uniform quite a simple accomplishment. Featuring a classic fitting long-sleeved dress shirt with barrel cuffs that can be worn with cuff links, this purple dress shirt and tie set will have everyone looking good. The fabric is Cotton Poly blend. Throw this purple dress shirt and tie set on with a black suit and watch how good you're going to look going out for the evening. Please Note that Matching Ties May Not be Exact Ties That are Shown in the Picture. The shirt will come with a matching color patterned tie.