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Demantie Men's Black Slim Fit Suit Tonal Stripe M117 IS

Demantie Men's Black Slim Fit Suit Tonal Stripe M117 IS - click to enlarge

Name:Demantie Men's Black Slim Fit Suit Tonal Stripe M117 IS
Seen Elsewhere $179.99
Contempo Price $89.99
Save: $90.00 (50%) Today!
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Product Description

Slim fit suits in black are back like never before and have the tight fit and cut that young men favor like no other style suit. Slim fit suits in black are not only stylish but bring the retro style of the Kennedy back and in the forefront of menswear fashion. They look perfect with our Slim Fit Dress Shirts.

Bring back the sleek suit wearing days of the early 1960s like nothing else with the right style fitting suit. This Slim Fit suit in black is tailored to fit like a glove with slim fitting flat front pants that are lined to the knee. The Jacket has narrow notched lapels just like the early 1960s with side vents and french faced linings. Fabric is a luxurious touch Poly/Rayon. These Slim fit style suits are not your Grandpa's Suit or even Your Father's Suit. Match up one of these Slim Fit Suits with our Mens Satin Dress Shirts and you get the Idea. Suits with Flat Front Pants like Slim Fit Suits are one of the biggest Suit Trends to hit in a very long time. The Younger Generation has taken to these Fitted Suits in a Big Way. Part of the reason may be that they don't look like boring business suits in the way they fit and look. See All of Our Slim Fit Suits Here.

With it's 1960s style and narrow style, this slim fit suit just smacks of an era consumed with James Brown when his career first took off and narrow lapel style days when men wore narrow ties because that is what was prevalent back in the early sixties. 1960 may have been a generation beginning of change and with it brought these tight-fitting style suits to the forefront of a new style.

If you are wondering how to wear a slim fit suit and look good, the first thing to consider is your build. If you're a stocky young man, this type of suit just isn't going to look right. The proper way to wear a slim fit suit is to first be slim built to begin with. You'll notice the sizes only go up to size 46 inch chest with a size 40 inch waist pants. Any bigger and you're just not going to look right. Being thin is key for these types of suits to look the way that the designers intended. Another thing to do when it comes to dressing correctly in a slim fit style suit is to wear a slim fit dress shirt. It all ties together, and a regular fit dress shirt is not the way to go when you're trying to wear a suit like this. You need a tight-fitting dress shirt, so it's form fitting and won't bunch under the tight-fitting jacket of the suit. Another thing that is necessary to know when you're seeking how to wear a slim fit suit is the way that pants are hemmed.

When you see the pants that come with these types of suits, you'll notice that they are just as slim as the jackets are and that they are even tight all way down the leg with a tapered look. That means that then will need to sit higher on your shoe than a regular type of suit pants. Instead of hitting the top of your heel on your shoes, a slim fit suit pants will have to hit about an inch and half higher to sit properly. Once you have that done, you'll know how to properly wear a slim fit suit.

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