Falcone Mens Aero Brown Peach Touch Microfiber Topcoat 5643-104 Size 40R

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Wearing a belted topcoat is one of the easiest ways to look like you're a man who has style. Just wearing one over your suit seems to convey that you care about your appearance and style is of the essence. This Falcone Brown Peach Touch Microfiber Topcoat features a dngth with French faced linings, and hidden buttons and is belted. Fabric is 100% Peach Touch Microfiber. Since the color of this coat is brown, you'll be able to wear it with half the suits you own in your closet without giving a second thought to it. You can wear this overcoat with any brown color suit you own as well as navy blue, black, or even grey without missing a beat. You just need to know how to hook it up properly with the right color shoes and tie.